Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shayn Cutino - Hypnosis - May be Used For a Wide Variety of Conditions

The Mayo Clinic writes:

Hypnosis is intended to help you gain more control over undesired behaviors or emotions or to help you cope better with a wide range of medical conditions. Hypnosis isn't considered a treatment or a type of psychotherapy. Rather, it's a procedure typically used along with certain treatments and therapies to help a wide variety of conditions.

Hypnosis may be used for:

1) Pain control

2) Smoking cessation

3) Reducing stress related to medical procedures

4) Mental health conditions

5) Allergies

6) Asthma

7) Surgical preparation

8) Childbirth

9) Weight loss

10) Athletic performance

11) Dental procedures

12) Coping with chemotherapy

13) Skin conditions

14) Gastrointestinal problems

There are so many uses for hypnosis and I can help you with.

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