Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Matters of the Mind

Being unhappy, depressed, lazy, sluggish, joyful, ambitious or exuberant are all examples of habit. Whatever habits you find yourself automatically repeating each day can be changed. Pay attention to the things you are focusing on daily and ask yourself if these things are serving your purpose today.

You may have formed a habit of letting other people interfere with decisions that really matter to you, allowing them to derail you from your true purpose and the path leading to fulfillment of your dreams. Whatever activities you are pursuing, you produce chemical reactions in your body that begin in your mind. You are the creator of your emotions.

Use your mind to focus on positive results and affirm the following statements:
I already have all I need to fulfill my dreams.

I am confident, inspired and significant.

Trust your intuition each day to attain a state of bliss in your life. We are where we are because of choices we made. Art, beauty, and nature are all food for bliss. You must have heard the saying: follow your bliss and doors will open? But what is my bliss, you might ask. Oxford dictionary defines bliss as "gladness, enjoyment, perfect joy, or blessedness." So when you find yourself in a state of bliss, seize the moment and study the scene.

Bliss can come in different areas. Quiet time can truly be a window of bliss in your day. Watching birds or scenes in nature, listening to water ripple in lakes and streams, looking at a painting, beautiful flower or tree, or sitting by a river are all possible blissful moments. In the area of your leisure notice and observe yourself busy at what you love doing. It may be gardening, painting a picture, preparing food or sitting quietly watching the sky. Seize your moments of bliss and make note of them in your mind.

Buy yourself flowers and appreciate the good things in your life. Watch what you are filling yourself with. When you take beauty breaks in your day, they may last seconds, moments, or hours, but the value of the food you are feeding yourself in these blissful segments will nourish your body, mind and soul.

Follow your bliss and relaxation and elimination of stress will be your reward. Doors of opportunity will be yours to open and expand your bliss until its goodness spills over and nourishes others too.

Shayn Cutino

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